James tells stories about reluctant protagonists dragged into extreme, unfamiliar worlds. He is well-versed in bringing a sense of humour to his sets, creating a positive environment for his cast and crew and efficiently running shoots with a clear vision and calm head.

In 2018, James’s  first stage play “The Engagement”, based on a true story from actor Wayne Liversidge, debuted at the off-fringe Hove Grown Festival, to 5 star reviews. It has since re-run at the Bread & Roses theatre in Clapham, to similar success.

His comedy feature draft “Vegan Vampires” (formerly titled “Brighton Nightlife”) reached the finals of the 2020 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards and has placed in several festivals since.

When this Sussex University grad isn’t telling heartfelt stories of epic quests, you can find him obsessing about Star Wars and teaching children to be tiny ninjas.